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The Kanjeevaram Silk Magic

Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram Silk sarees are traditionally made by the local artisans of Kanchipuram region in Tamil Nadu, India.  These are bridal sarees or are worn on special occasions. The regal kanjivaram saree provides the choice of the rich and famous designs and motifs, and comes with various options. You can find some extraordinarily woven handcrafted and elegant kanjeevaram sarees here at

The urbane handwoven nine yards usually comes with a contrast border. The border highlights the rich pattern in gold zari, also the pallu features intricate patterns in golden zari. The saree comes with contrast or same color blouse pieces. At House of Asmee, we portray the aesthetics and beauty of the exotic epitome in our pure Kanchipuram silk sarees.

Let us help you in identifying a pure Kanjivaram silk saree:

Few important points which will help you in making your money count:-

  1. Differentiating between adulterated zari saree and a tried zari:    In adulterated zari, weavers take a silk string and curve a silver string over this string and afterward it is plunged into unadulterated gold to make the zari outskirt. Meanwhile, the tried zari is less expensive as copper wire which is electroplated with silver is being utilized rather than unadulterated silver string to make the zari. To differentiate between the zari, you need to look at the shade of the zari work. Tried zari sarees are less expensive as compared to adulterated zari.
  2. Light up the strings:    Pull out a couple of zari strings and light a fire toward the finish of the strings. When fire stops, a bundle of cinder will be generated. This will mostly smell like the odor of burnt hair; the signs are that the saree is unadulterated zari kanjivaram silk saree. In case there is no debris or no odor similar to consuming hair, then it is probably a counterfeit.
  3. Pull the strings:    Unadulterated zari is made of red silk string. In cases where the silk string is not red or of any other shading then possibility is the nine yards which you are purchasing is not pure Kanchipuram silk saree.

Must have essentials to style your Kanjivaram saree

Kanjivaram  sarees are exquisite pieces of nine yards which need to be styled in a magnificent way. Heavy ethnic jewelry is commonly worn with these especially for formal occasions and events. 

For a lavish look, pair Kanjivaram  saree with heavy jewelry for weddings and other formal occasions. Many times, the jewelry is paired with ethnic look hairstyles to create a collective that radiates poise and elegance. Even diamond sets look fabulous with these sarees.

Handbags are a must go-to. Women mostly prefer wearing Indian handbags with their sarees as it falls into the spectrum of ‘ethnic attire’ and matches the traditional look of the outfit. One can go with embroidered, beads work or sophisticated handbags. The choice of jewelry and handbag should be anyways in accordance to the style and color of the saree which you are wearing.

Most important of all is to feel comfortable in the saree and carry yourself with grace and confidence. Hope this Kanjeevaram styling guide was helpful!



Anamika Sinha (Fashion Consultant)

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